Community Monitors Impound Illegal Lumber

14th July, 2019

Community Forest Monitors from Kramokrom, a farming community fringing the Bia Tributaries North Forest Reserve, have intensified the fight against illegal chainsaw operators by impounding some sawn lumber in the forest. The monitors received huge praise from the Assistant District Manager in the Juaboso District for their effort to stem the tide of deforestation. The Bia Tributaries North Forest Reserve has become one of the hot spot areas for illegal logging and other illegal activities. The fight against these illegal activities is a major problem for the Forestry Commission due to the limited logistics for their patrols. To support the Forest Services Division, Friends of the Earth-Ghana with funding from the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Netherlands is implementing the Timby Community Forest Monitoring Project. From the project, five communities receive training and equipments to undertake monitoring of the forest against illegal activities and Kramokrom is one of the communities to benefit from the project.

During one of their patrols in the forest, the Community Forest Monitors came across a gang of illegal chainsaw operators splitting a felled log into lumber. However, the illegal operators took to their heels when they saw the monitors coming their way. The monitors with the help of a truck conveyed all the lumber to their community for safe keeping. They then informed the Assistant District Manager who expressed his gratitude and promised to take every necessary step to fight the crime and prosecute the perpetrators.